What if I told you that sometimes, if you wish for something really hard and cry your eyes out, you might actually get it? The 2019 Big Brother Naija reality show has seen its fair
share of tears from the housemates who have utilised it in achieving their goals. Guess what? The tears actually worked this time as one of the remaining guys just got his prayers answered.

It is no sceret that Frodd is infatuated with Esther. Recall the crying session he had a week ago in the garden when Esther had turned him down after he poured out his heart to her? After letting him know that she wasn’t interested in a relationship, he couldn’t control the tears streaming down his cheeks.

Ebuka (the President of the Table Shakers Association) even replayed Frodd’s heartbreak on live television in front of the House and Africa, gasps. After re-living the tears, in order to cement her position, Esther told Ebuka that, “Frodd is a very emotional person” but did that stop my guy? No, it didn’t dissuade his heart as it continued to beat for Esther.

Well, all those tears and efforts have been rewarded. After their Diary Task where Frodd had poured out his heart to Esther, who was playing the role of Biggie, he dared her to kiss him and guess what? He got the surprise of his life as he surely wasn’t expecting her to oblige him, thinking she would turn him down as usual. Even the housemates were gearing up for his post-rejection tears.
They were all shocked when Esther got up from the bed, went over to him and planted a wet kiss on his lips to the loud cheers from the other housemates. He also dared her to give him a lap dance which she did as she went further to lead him to a chair in the room and peppered his legs in a romantic way. What a night!

Fans were ecstatic for Frodd and they made sure to point that out. Here are some comments culled in that regard:
“Waoooo Frodd got d kiss and a lap dance LMAO. Frodd won’t brush for a week ooo.”

“The kiss between Frodd and Esther is the highlight … and of course the supposed lap dance….”

“It’s his lucky night! She also gave him a lap dance afterwards! Bobo kon de shake like jellyfish.”

“Dude just got a lap dance too. Local man will have sweet dreams tonight. Frodd and Esther, please oooooooo small small …..they are bringing the fun.”

“Frodd’s dream is coming to pass mehn while Mike dared him not to cry tonight..Mike is so mean mennnn.”

If Esther breaks Frodd’s soft heart, the tears might just not stop! Let’s hope, for his sake. that it doesn’t.


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