Moving Through the Noise and Writing Your Name in Sand of Time like Tajuddeen Adepetu


Written by Dro Ameh| tweets from the @DirtyHiphophead.

I began work at Consolidated Media Associates over a decade ago and I was lucky to speak Mr. Tajuddeen Adepetu before – it was about that time the media conglomerate was transitioning, resting the gamechanging Blast Magazine for digital department. I was writing for Blast Magazine as a freelancer at that time under editor Tokunbo David – Tox is a wildcard (This is about Mr. Adepetu some other time I’d write about you 🙂 ).

I was a fan, first. I am one of the fortunate few who has had the chance to work with/for persons that I had admired even before meeting them – from Mr. Kevin Luciano – Gabriel to Mr. Adepetu. I had known the name ‘Tajuddeen Adepetu’ since the days of the monstrous hit telenovela ‘When You Are Mine’ and ‘Everyday People’ that I jumped at the job when I was approached for a full-time gig. It was and probably still my dream job. Interesting fact, I had Mr. Taj on my BBM contact for years when his display picture was a car steering wheel with letter ‘T’ and only got to find out later.
In my decade with CMA and seeing first hand some of the brilliance of the driver we call, Uncle Taj – you’d learn to overlook his shortcoming and marvel at the enigma that he is especially if as a young person you have tried to run three businesses and all failed. Uncle Taj sits on top a minimum of 20 brands and personally runs all of them and he is far from done at his early fifties. 20 brand is probably an understatement but the brilliance is in the specific needs these brands meet, no two brands are the same. From TV Channels like Trybe, Televista, ONTV Nigeria to Soundcity, Urban96, Access24, Correct Radio Networks and Digital assets like XChange, Papi or events and experiential from SPICE lifestyle Honours, Afrobeat Festival, Made in Lagos Shutdown Festival to mention a few. Mr. Adepetu is far from done.
You can’t find someone like Mr. Adepetu on this side of the globe. His mantra as I paraphrase is: ‘If you can dream it, you can do it and make sure you do it in the standard that would marvel the World’ or is it ‘ Next come second place, never accept the second place position. Ever’? The second one is probably our favourite.
Dear young enterpreneur, see through the noise, bullsh*t and understand that the one person that embodies the true African dream as an enterpreneur and persona is Mr. Tajuddeen Adepetu. The peculiarity of our business environment cannot be overemphasized and Uncle T embodies a living model on how to decipher through. He is a walking inspiration.
Uncle Taj is a fine businessman, mentor – you’d never leave him the same way you came even if it is simply by studying him, a big risk taker, an absolute dreamer, a doer, lover of God – devoted Muslim and his finest trait – never get caught up in the noise (we, your proteges plan to change this – everybody must know this icon and celebrate him).
There is not an independent media enterpreneur as successful, pragmatic and important if not ever, in the last decade as Mr. Tajuddeen Adepetu.
Happy birthday @TajAdepetu and this is praying the Almighty grants you fantastic health, wisdom and long life to keep winning and inspiring everybody that knows you.
Please help wish our mentor a Happy Birthday.


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