Singer Ciara & Russell Wilson Share Captivating Baecation Photos

Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson are presently having the time of their lives in the South American country, Brazil.

The celebrity couple is also meeting with other celebrities in the country while also visiting landmarks around the country.

Photos from their visit are presently getting responses such as #Goals, #CoupleGoals #RelationshipGoals among other sweet hashtags from fans on the internet.

Ciara and Wilson dressed in the Brazil national football team jersey in what most on the internet have described as “sexy” and “attractive”.

In another photo, Ciara dressed like a Brazillian goddess and the photograph has gotten a lot of YAS!

The singer and her husband also paid a visit to the iconic statue Christ the Redeemer.

In another video shared by Russell Wilson on his Instagram, we see him hurl a rugby ball towards Ciara while she catches it to the thrill of onlookers.


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