Exasperated dad is filmed dragging his daughter by her hood through airport (video)

Kids can be a handful sometimes and a dad got so fed up with his young daughter who was throwing tantrums that he just gave up and dragged her through the airport to their flight.

The scene was filmed at Dulles International Airport on New Year’s Day by witnesses and is now making the rounds online. In the video, the exhausted dad is seen carrying a duffle bag in one hand and dragging his child with the other.

The person who filmed the scene in Dulles, Virginia, US, said:

I was waiting at Dulles International Airport to pick up my girlfriend on New Year’s Day when I noticed this father literally dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her jacket.

He added that she didn’t appear to be screaming or feeling any discomfort at the time. She had her hands clasped in her lap as she was dragged across the airport floor, clearly not objecting to her treatment


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