Nigerian lady shares surprising experience at Lagos airport, see more

A Nigerian lady identified as Simi Faj has taken to twitter to share a surprising experience she encounter at Lagos airport. According to the lady, she said :

“Lost my iPad on August 7, 2019. Searched everywhere & only recently figured out I might have left it at MM2 passing thru security to catch a Lag to Abj flight. 3 weeks after checked with the staff at MM2 & it was there #proudlynigerian”Concerned Nigerians on social media have shared their thoughts on this rare incident. See some reactions below:

“U have luck u went on time if de waited more Dan three weeks and u didn’t go for it I guess one of d staff for don dai use am i even thought it was last year August not knowing it’s still dis month ”

“Good Nigerians still dey …not all of us corrupt”

“It doesn’t cost anything to be a nice person, let’s all love one another in Nigeria and see how we progress. The 1st step is Love”” might not be lucky next time”
“I am sure the only reason they returned it is because they couldnt unlock it or afraid it will be tracked. Those airport people that use to steal even pant sef”
“It’s actually a shame that this is a testimony. If it’s other countries, this should be a norm 💁🏾‍♂️ PS: It’s possible that it was only kept because of CCTV in the airpor”