Photo/Video: Kidnapper Arrested In Imo State, Reveals How Many Victims His Gang Has Killed.

A notorious kidnapper has been apprehended by security operatives in Imo state. The suspect who is currently in custody, confessed to the police how his gang led by a man identified as Ability – abducted and killed their victims.

In a video which was posted online, the arrested kidnapper revealed that some of the victims paid about 2 to 3 million naira to regain their freedom.

He disclosed that those who didn’t pay were killed and their corpses buried in the bush.

The suspect claimed his gang has killed three persons in the course of their operations. According to him, the victims were a man who returned from South Africa, a man who returned from Brazil and a lady. He said the victims refused to pay ransom and were killed by their leader.

He also revealed that when they complained to their leader that the killings were becoming too much, he told them that he does not have mercy for the victims because if he is caught, he will be killed.

The suspect is currently helping the police with investigation.

Watch the video below.