Photos/Video: Underage Thieves Burst Into Tears After Being Caught In Victim’s House

Two young boys have landed themselves in trouble after there were caught burgling a victim’s house. According to reports, the boys were said to have been terrorizing victims by breaking into their houses to steal when the occupants are not around.

The underage suspects were caught after sneaking into a house through the window despite having burglary proof as they stole phones and other valuables.

The boys who were remorseful of their criminal action, burst into tears after being caught and handcuffed.

While some Nigerians have criticized the way the boys were handcuffed due to their age, others have said it serves them right because they need to learn that crime has consequences to avoid getting worse in the future.

The young boys also displayed how they broke into their latest victim’s house through the “secured” window in a video recorded by Ben Sunday.

Watch the video below.