Plus-Sized Nigerian Women Who Tried To ‘Follow The Ladder To Heaven’ Falls Fantastically

The comic video of three plus sized women who in a bid to follow Jesus to heaven by climbing a ladder and falling fantastically thereafter has become a growing sensation after it was first shared on social media space.

The three plus-sized slay mamas who’s name are yet to be identified at the filing of this report were spotted trying to ‘climb the ladder to heaven’ while listening to a gospel song which had propelled them to climb in the first place.According to thefamousblog, After drinking alcohol while listening to a gospel music that goes: “ladder ladder ladder ladder oooo, our Lord Jesus is our ladder…” they became triggered to oblige.The 3 decided to climb the ladder but one fell down in the process. The viral video has sparked reactions from Nigerians who blamed their mischievousness on the alcohol they were taking. Others pitied the poor ladder that had all climbed on dancing.