Policeman Arrested After Assaulting Lady And Her Sister In Delta State. Photos

A policeman who doubles as a motorcyclist otherwise known as Okada man – has landed in trouble after assaulting a young lady and others in Delta state.

According to reports, the victim was on her way for an errand in Sapele area when she was approached by the policeman on mufti who wanted her to board his bike but she ignored him. The policeman identified as Steven allegedly held her hand after that and in the process of trying to forcefully remove his hands from her, the girl was given a hot slap.

This was said to have annoyed the girl who rushed the officer and told him to ‘kill her’. The policeman allegedly descended on the girl with more beatings.

The victim’s elder sister who was around came out and confronted the officer over the beating. She also received her portion of slap from the policeman. Another resident who witnessed the incident, came to the ladies’ defence but was given his own slap. The man reportedly rushed the policeman who drew out his gun before he left the scene.

After being identified as a policeman, the assaulted sisters tracked him down to the station where they went to make an official complaint but were refused by the officer at the counter.

Finally, the DPO was called after much chaos and after listening to the victim’s story and seeing her battered face, the accused officer was ordered to be put in a cell and promised to be dealt with.