Young Lady Wakes Up In A Field After Night Of Drinking With Friends. Photos

A 22 year old woman woke up in a field after a night of partying with friends. According to reports, the incident happened on Saturday morning in Tongaat – KZN, South Africa.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to a business premises on Old Main Road in Canelands after the female requested assistance. Upon arrival, Reaction Officers interviewed her in an attempt to establish the sequence of events that resulted in her ending up in the canfield.

The lady explained that she was consuming alcohol with two friends and an unknown male the previous night. Shortly after 22:30, she informed her friend that she had to return home because her mother was waiting for her. They convinced her to stay a little longer and offered her one more drink.

She has no recollection of what occurred thereafter and woke up alone several hours later in the canefield. She confirmed that she was still in possession of her cash however she could not remember if she had been raped and dumped.The victim’s brother arrived at the scene and transported his sister to the Tongaat SAPS.